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WinX DVD Author is a great free tool to make DVD without any technical expertise.De main interface in WinX DVD Author you can choose what you want to do: Author convert DVD, video to VOB format, use the VOB to DVD compiler and DVD burners. The first of these is the most interesting part of WinX DVD Author, as this is the part that makes it easy to find your own DVD in maken.Er simple WinX DVD Author three-step process. Firstly, a big plus, minus and up / down, you can import and shuffle your video files around. You can also change the start and end points of each of these files by using the preview window and the slider. Then decide on the format, standard or wide screen TV, and then proceed to the next fase.Dit simple creator menu, select the background image, music, how you want, and it’s off to the last part, where the converted files to a DVD is burned. It’s all very simple, and for basic DVD, WinX DVD Author is fantastic. What you get is a way to change things like the sound of video files, which is very important when they come from different sources. Standalone converter seems a bit redundant, because it does not need to create your own DVD! WinX DVD Author is a great tool for creating basic DVD, but prevent more advanced with the lack of editing tools.

WinX DVD Author 6

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