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Genre: Adventure – Action – Sandbox

Work on Windows (7, 8, 10)

Languages: Audio and text: Portugus do Brasil ,, German, English, espaol, Français, italiano ,,, Polski, Portugus. Only the text: Dutch

Features: Single player – Support Manager

Published: August 12, 2016

Company: Games Hello / Hello Games

Rating: Rate ESRB: Teen

Store page:


Book now and boost your adventure in a vast universe Neb Sky, Horizon ship with mysterious Omega, equipped with improved and increased firepower hyperdrive to help you travel faster and survive longer on your interstellar travel.

Inspired by the adventure and imagination that we like the classic sci-fi, Sky Nobody will offer you to explore the galaxy, filled with unique planets and life forms, and threatening and implementation.

Sky Nobody, every star in the light of the sun far, all gecirkeld by planets filled with life, and you can go to one of them you choose. Fly smoothly from deep space planetary surfaces, unladen, and there are no boundaries. In the endless universe procedurally generated, then you have to find places and beings see any other players before – and perhaps never will be more.

Sailing lies on an epic journey – Amid the irresistible impulse galaxy you make a trip there to go to learn the true nature of the cosmos. But, in the face of hostile creatures and fierce pirates, you know that death comes down to cost, and survival for the choices you make about how you upgrade your ship, you will be a weapon and a suit.

Find your own destiny – your journey through Sky Neb up to you. Will you be a warrior, hunted on the weak and take their wealth, or false pirates for their contributions? Power is up to you if you want to upgrade your ship’s speed and weapons. Whether a retailer? Finding sources rich worlds and forget their advantage for the highest prices. Investing in more cargo and you get massive prizes harvest. Or maybe explorer? Go beyond the known limits and find places and things that nobody has ever seen. Upgrade your appliances are still jumping, and tackling promote the need to survive in toxic environments that would kill the unwary.

Share your journey – The galaxy is living, breathing space. Traveling convoys trade fight between the stars, factions of territory, pirates chasing the unwary, and the police saw him. Any other player who lives in the same galaxy, and you can choose to share your discoveries they set the place on a map familiar. Maybe you can get the results of their actions and to see if you

Minimum System Requirements – Windows: 7.8 / 10 (64-bit)

Processor: Core i3

Memory: 8GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 480, AMD Radeon 7870

Hard Drive: 10GB

Mouse, keyboard

No Mans Sky GOG

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