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Microsoft Classic browser allows you to view onlinewhile set a number of options (security, privacy, ease of use) .Novye opportunities for safety and konfidentsialnostiInternet Explorer 9 has a new look and provides a variety of options, allowing itto edge next to him with a view to work privately InPrivate (that allows you to browse through encryption) is very much appreciated and allows opensessions without storing your browsing history or acceptingcookies. It is also now possible to configure privacy settings, choose what data you want to share with you six; Security also seems to have refined Microsoft and Internet Explorer 9 now has given us new tools, such as protection against tracking and SmartScreen Filter (which allows you to check the security certificate of the sites you visit in order to avoid undesirablepages) .Nastroyte your web browsing experience stranitsInternet Explorer 9 is potential for Microsoft, to (eventually) incorporatea system of tabs in the browser. It is no longer necessary to open a new window for each page you visit, and believe me, this new feature really is a breath of fresh air for Internet Explorer. Its a shame, however, that this change took so long (much longer than the competition tookthe), which will be introduced! However, his browser, which offers some of the most attractive options. You can configure the language, choose which version to display websites. Conveniently, if Youre traveling abroad or want to always todisplay web pages in a language other than yourbrowser. You can also change the search engineoptionsto choose your favorites, and you do not necessarily need to use Bing as osnovy.S side extensions, Internet Explorer 9 also catching up, and now provides a number of additional plugins to customize your browser. However, dontexpect multiple extensions, Internet Explorer always blames his delay in other browsers, such as Firefox! However, the new center offers additional functionality for important option to consider the use of resources, so you can quickly identify extensions that can slow down your experience prosmotra.Brauzer he always remains far hoditTam no doubt that Microsoft is essentially reset your copy of Internet Explorer 9 and new (and welcome) options for privacy, security and expansion. A special mention should go centerforextensions performance that is definitely one to her, but, despite the efforts of developers, Internet Explorer 9 is toofar still lags behind its main competitors. Nowhere near as fast as Chrome, just as versatile as Firefox or how easy asOpera, Microsofts browser also easy to extend and thicken to get any real momentum. Internet Explorer 9 is decentbrowser, but nowhere near the top of the genre.

Internet Explorer 9

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