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GIMP is a free source tools, open that allows you to create and edit images .gimp for over two decades and stable development over the years. The new update for GIMP making function and a look into the future for the image source editor opens incredible. Characteristic features of GIMP also present. You can create your own tools for airbrushing, mapping, cloning, and creating slopes. Experienced users can create their own brushes and patterns for later use. GIMP also allows users to manipulate images imported into the program. You can crop, add text, resize, and overlapping layers. Even how to animate your creations. Also new GIMP now updated with many user interface tweaks to make applications accessible to beginners. Also in response to the most is the ability to edit the same window. GIMP version of the past have drawn criticism because the interface is confusing their development, but the issue was discussed in this new version. As a one stop shop is great, very disappointing to see how diversity programs together. Other improved features include easier text editing, layers overlap, and change the image database using general (GEGL), which is more modern process. GEGL introduced a few years back in development and now its way to the sable, the consumer version. GIMP development hopes to move all GEGL by one of the main advantages of using GIMP GEGL power to the bit depth images resolve nondestructive up .gimp now maintain its own XCF format procedures and other Data store. Users can also choose to save in a format such as JPEG and PNG, but the “export” instead of saving it. It follows in the footsteps Adob ​​e Photoshop. The last GIMP better than ever. The development of the user experience serious attention to the development and accelerate to big picture here.

GIMP 2 8

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