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Note: Facade works only on Windows ME to XP. Does not work on Vista or higher. Facade interactive adventure game for free using a single artificial intelligence (AI), where its role is to avoid breaking marriage.The developers facade, however, more complexly described as: “An attempt to go beyond the traditional or branched Link to create a narrative, fully realized, a theater act interactive, integrating a set of interdisciplinary art practices and technologies of artificial intelligence. “you play the game for yourself and longtime friend of a couple named Grace travel and developers describe as “marriage attractive and materially successful in their early thirties” .The plot is as follows: during the meeting the night in his apartment, things got ugly (not clear why) and somehow immersed in the destruction of Grace and wedding trip. No one is safe in the front as accusations fly, the sides are taken and irreversible decisions are made that destroy homes happy. however their goal is to make sure that the last word Grace and Trip stick together instead of crashing or expensive divorce proceedings.To control your character, you have to write to communicate with other characters, and navigate with arrow keys awareness and use of objects pointer hand. What would you say to the characters whose actions and influence, they kiss and make up but its not an exact science. You can wait several seconds for an answer, or it may be the character responds to you in a very strange problem with main facade is, although it has been very popular over the years, has never been updated to work with Vista or above which a large shame. If you’re still running Windows ME to XP, however, so you can play facade. Meanwhile, those who can not enjoy the game is done with watching one of many YouTube videos dedicated to Facade.It script is a pity that facade work on later versions of Windows, since it is a bit of an original concept and offers more than a few laughs in marital conflict resolution.

Facade 1 1

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